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February 6, 2009

google code project, google group, and darcs repository for WikimediaParser

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So if anyone wants to contribute, they can now, easily!

The google code project is here, I intend to use it only for the wiki and bug tracker.  The darcs repository is on patch-tag.  The google group, if anyone has any suggestions or anything of the sort, is here.

In any case, expect at least a few more releases and a reasonably general, clean version from me soon; but help from others is more than welcome!

February 5, 2009

releasing WikimediaParser 0.1

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It’s a cabalized version of some very rough, but functional, tools I’m using for parsing wikimedia markup.  Currently it has some french wikipedia specific code, but by release 0.2 (which should come soon) I intend to have it general enough to be used for at least any language of wikipedia (and in later releases any wikimedia markup at all).  Anyone who wants to contribute some patches and get it there quicker, feel free to submit patches using darcs send (for now, that is.  I’ll have a darcs repository up on code.haskell.org soon, but for right now I’m locked out of my account).

hackage page

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