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January 13, 2008

huh. google knows about me now, go figure.

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apparently submitting that last post to reddit has gotten my previous post to be in the first page of google results for “binary reader“. cool, i’m fine with the inevitable traffic from that.

have finished serge lang’s introduction to linear algebra. a good book on the subject, but i can’t say the subject itself interests me horribly. about to read a first course in calculus by the same author.  calculus should be more interesting.

noticed this post on reddit.  considering, in a few months, or whenever i’m finally up to the challenge, going over the source and attempting to get involved in the development.  contributing to an actual project would be useful and quite the learning experience, but i don’t really have any preference as to what i do or what sort of a project i work on, just that it be something i can actually manage learning on my own.  xmonad may be better for this, potentially — but i don’t use linux, so i’d have to set up a vm just for the purpose.  seems like overkill.  we’ll see.  if anyone has any suggestions of things that need doing or projects that are easier/more useful to start off with, let me know.

aside from that, expect to see a preliminary version of my flowchart app in a post soon, and hopefully in active development after that.  i’ve added in manual state threading, and at this point only need to start writing some code that uses it in order to figure out where the hell i need to go next with it.  also, there’s another grand scheme this fits into, but, well…  that’s another post for when that happens, if ever.

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