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about me

i’m a zen buddhist. i’m also a geek. the things which i geek about the most include, but are not limited to: zen, math, computer science, languages, webcomics, regular comics, movies, as well as the occasional lolcat.

i dropped out of highschool without really intending to. i also dropped out of college twice. once without intending to, once about as intentionally as possible. i now have a g.e.d. and work as a union millwright apprentice out of local 204, in renton, washington. i study the aforementioned subjects in my free time, and hope someday to work with one of them. for now, i’m glad to have a good paying job that allows me sufficient free time to pursue my own interests.

i think that is sufficient information for now.

e-mail: possibilitybox@gmail.com

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