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May 8, 2009


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i plan to make a few two to how i run this place.

  • i’m going to update more often.  i’m still debating a minimal schedule, but somewhere around two to three times a week at least.  more when i’ve got more to share.
  • i’m going to have a new focus.  or rather, a focus.  before it was just whatever i happened to be interested in, now i will write about how to efficiently effectively teach yourself anything you want to know.  also, i’ll update about what i’m teaching myself, what problems i’m having, and how i’m solving them.

there will be no more focus to the site than that, aside from my interests.  i’m interested in all sorts of things, from buddhism to foreign languages to evolution to physics to computer science.  there will be bits about whatever i’m studying, but themes will come and go as i study one subject or another in more or less depth.

another goal is to dispel the myth that seems prevalent about autodidacticism, which is that an autodidact can’t learn something with the same thoroughness as those in school.  well, at least people seem to believe this about most people they know; we all accept that there are extreme cases of autodidacticism that have worked.  i admit right off the bat, most autodidacts don’t learn as thoroughly as those who do well in a school.  but i contend that this is a result of a poverty of resources and techniques available to the autodidact, of not sharing our approaches and developing better skills.  this is because, i suspect, autodidacts don’t tend to have a community of others whom they learn with or from.

expect the first such post by monday.  =D

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