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January 17, 2009

what to do when you can’t solve a problem with a hackage library you need?

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in trying to work on my graded reader project recently I encountered two problems that were beyond my ability to solve. the first was that HDBC’s quickQuery was loading all results into memory, while fetchAllRows was not loading any rows (in fact the query was never reaching postgresql). this made it so I couldn’t use HDBC with postgresql for my project. then I decided to try takusen, but couldn’t figure out the problems with the current cabal file for it, despite quite a lot of googling. I asked around on #haskell about both of these problems, and got some help, but neither got resolved; so my question for planet haskell is what should I do when I reach this sort of an impass? i’ll gladly fix any problems I can on my own and share the wealth, but I hate being stuck when it’s absolutely beyond me.

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