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March 23, 2008

cocoa, mnemosyne, graded reader group

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i’ve been getting myself familiarized with cocoa in order to, assuming i have the free time, do a proper osx port of mnemosyne, as it currently only works via x11, which i’d like to avoid using when possible (at least in osx).  i like xcode and interface builder so far.  i’ve found that, even if they’re a bit daunting for the beginner (a whole lot of windows pop up for no apparent reason, with no obvious purpose), they cut out a lot of the busy work which would be associated with coding a gui by hand.  this is a nice introduction, and should make it a bit easier when i have to use another gui framework in the future.

i’m porting mnemosyne because i want a simple way to use spaced repetition in my various studies without having to open up vmware just to run mnemosyne.  i’ve wanted a flashcard app that uses spaced repetition for years now, but being that programming is only something i do in my free time, i’ve never quite gotten to the point where i could feasibly do it before.  anyway, it’ll be useful along with the graded reader (more news about that in the next paragraph) for learning languages, and for remembering important formulas and theorems for maths.

james tauber has started a google group and google code project for the graded reader i posted about previously.  this is exciting to me, as it’ll also be very useful to me for language learning, something i’ve long neglected and intend to pick up again shortly.  once his source is in the google code project, i’ll be contributing there as i’m able, however, i’ll likely be making a haskell clone (potentially with some different approaches of my own?  we’ll see.) of both this and mnemosyne, with the aim of integrating them into some sort of an app to aid my language learning.  i’ve wanted to do these things for a long time, but time to program and study is hard to come by for me, and so it’s slow going getting there.

also, thanks to everyone for the suggestions on how to get involved in projects!  i’ll slowly be working on grokking the various projects, looking for things i can fix, and adding documentation as i’m able.  i’ll also be taking a look at lambdabot, since someone mentioned that to me.  if i can help clean it up some, since apparently it’s been neglected, that’d be great.  getting to learn more about programming and haskell and help out the community at the same time is great.

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