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February 8, 2008

checkquick (and hello, planet haskell!)

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i’ve just uploaded a preliminary (and hackish) version of checkquick as requested here by eric kow.  it’s already usable, but will likely need a lot more polishing and changes before it reaches any reasonable state.

usage for right now is as follows:

  1. once you’ve checked out the repository, compile Main.hs to your liking.  (i’ll assume it’s compiled to checkquick and is in your $PATH, for simplicity)
  2.  run as follows: checkquick –setup=CMD –cleanup=CMD “CMD1” “CMD2”, where the commands supplied to setup and cleanup should be scripts that respectively setup and cleanup the environment, and CMD1, CMD2 (or more, it will accept an arbitrary number of commands to be timed) are the commands to be timed.

any suggestions or comments are very welcome, but please bear in mind — this is the first time i’ve written any software intended to be used by anyone else before!

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