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November 8, 2007


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as previously stated, am in the process of reading sicp.  i’m surprised how easy (even if some of the problems stumped me for no good reason for a little while, before they just clicked) the first chapter is.  i expect this will change in the second chapter.

also have resumed reading a first course in linear algebra, which is, if a bit tedious (the exercises especially…), a very good introduction to linear algebra.  so far i’m only up to the section on vectors, so i’m certainly not very far in, but i’m finding the material surprisingly easy to follow.

category theory!  this has stumped me for some time, and whether it be because i’ve found much better resources (thanks to the programming.reddit.com), or simply that i’m in a much more mathematical mindset than usual as a result of some time off from work, i’m starting to get it.  of course, being a haskell aficionado, originally i only  approached category theory  in order to get monads.  now that i’ve started  to read some other higher level mathematics (at least what i consider higher level…), i find myself interested in category theory, at least somewhat, for it’s own sake.  perhaps this will last, perhaps it won’t.  we’ll see.  in any case, it’s unlikely i’ll pursue category theory much further at all until i’ve done some of the other things on my todo list.  in any case, here are links to the two resources i’ve found most useful:

i think that is all for now.

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