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November 5, 2007

end of hiatus.

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for now.  hiatus will begin again anytime i’m working a lot.

i’ve just started reading sicp, i’ve decided on using DrScheme after consulting with the members of #scheme.  this should complement my haskell studies, as well, because i’m working on this haskell tutorial, which guides one thru the process of writing a scheme (purportedly in 48 hours, however i’ve easily passed that mark already…).

i’m interested in seeing how scheme, which of course has a great reputation for elegance and expressive power, compares to haskell, which i’ve been learning lately.   i’m inclined to say that having learnt haskell decently well will allow me to grok scheme much better, and even to do more complicated things in scheme (i see no reason, as of now, why one couldn’t use monads in other languages, albeit with less ease than in haskell).  i’m also very interested in learning more about computer science from reading sicp, which i admit is my main goal.  as well, a friend of mine suggested we learn a new programming language together, and i suggested sicp and scheme as the book and language of choice.

also, i’ve recently stumbled across NixOS, which reminds me of ideas i’d had back when i was using linux.  this interests me, altho i’m saddened to find that nix, the package manager which makes NixOS so exciting, is written in C++, even tho it claims to to be written purely functionally.  surely, it is possible to write in a functional style in C/C++, and one could manage to make the package manager entirely deterministic without using, for example, haskell, but i’m biased and would’ve preferred to see it written in haskell.

this leads me to my next point: i’m installing vmware fusion, the 1.1 release candidate beta (i’m cheap), and intend to play with, in no particular order and very likely not all at the same time, NixOS, Ubuntu, and LFS.  i’m interested in becoming reacquainted with the *nix world, and also intend to run thru linux programming by example in an attempt to become more proficient with c development (or i should probably say, to become proficient at all).

this is enough for right now.  perhaps you’ll get to see some buddhist ramblings soon, i know not.


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